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a place to connect with the #BCSquat chapter at your University and your nationwide community

Who We Are

Backcountry Squatters is a 501c3 Nonprofit with representative chapters at College Universities across the nation. We are a network of college clubs dedicated to growing women + non-binary people's participation, leadership, and representation in the outdoor industry and community.

What is this Digital Community Platform?

This is a place for YOU to join your chapter and cultivate your community. You can see what other members are up to, plan events, search for carpool buddies, ask advice, DM someone that you met on the hike, get access to ProDeals, all in a streamlined easy to use Backcountry Squatters specific app!

What You Will Find On The Squatters App

COMMUNITY: Most importantly it's a place for you to connect with the Squatters at your University (or where you may be on a trip) and develop your community. In Bozeman for the weekend? Hop into the MSU Chapter and see if anyone is down to go for a hike!

CHAPTERS (AKA GROUPS): Each chapter has its own group for members to communicate, plan events, have discussions, and MORE! These groups will be what you want them to be-take advantage of the community! Go to school in CU but want to see what UMaine is up to (cuz you creepy- JK) you can join their chapter as-well!

EVENTS: A place to create events (both virtual and in-person) to share with all members. Are you an Exec member planning an event and you need people to RSVP-you can do that here!

DISCUSSION BOARDS: Who doesn't love a good discussion board? (And we're not talking about the facebook post that your aunt and uncle are arguing about from two years ago...) Not sure what gear to invest in? Ask your nationwide Squatters community!

BCsquat ProDeals: Did you know there are perks to being a Backcountry Squatters member? Well there are! Get exclusive access to some of the top outdoor brands as a member of Backcountry Squatters.

AN EASY APP THAT'S NOT FACEBOOK!: Download the customizable app, make a profile, and you can receive as many notifications as YOU choose. Only want notifications from the discussion board you're following-EASY! Want notifications anytime there is a new event-EASY!

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